dnj Gallery 2013 Miniatures
dnj Gallery offers a limited number of miniature prints by our artists for the holidays. The photographs are about 5" by 7", printed in an edition of 6, and cost $100. Please contact us directly if you wish to purchase one.

Sia Aryai, Eternity XII

Richard Gilles, Caravan

Corey Grayhorse, Mariah

Suda House, A tear contains an ocean

Dale Johnson, Le Renard

Gil Kofman, LaGrange Topiary

Clay Lipsky, Illuminated: 05

Laura Parker, Blue Dot

Ni Rong, In America--Spring #1

Dan Shepherd, Alaskan Birch #1

Robert von Sternberg, Waitomo NZ

Tam Tran, Tam Is...Girl with Red Beret

Andrew Uchin, Dearest Spot

Anne Veraldi, Owl #1

Dylan Vitone, Fireworks over Gabe's Bed

Melanie Walker, Illuminated Manuscript

Todd Walker, Fracway